What would a pure color look like from a single source of nature?

How would tree bark, crushed grapes, or a handful of rose petals leave its mark and enhance a material's natural properties?

This is the fruit of Himalayan Tapestry. Himalayan Tapestry is the work and mission of Anna Ebenezer. Here she teaches the underprivileged women the life skills to support themselves and their families. The women are challenged by life and circumstances — yet their dignity and hope for a better future shine through the exquisite works of silk they produce by hand.

Every morning, the women come to work dressed in beautiful saris. They gather tree barks, plants and flowers and carefully lay them on the silks to create soft patterns of shapes and exquisite colors — colors that vary by time of day and the temperature of the mountain air.

The journeys of these women — their dreams and their love — their confidence and their spirit — are reflected in the colors of the Himalayan scarves.

Derived from the heart of nature and God, HT is a natural lifestyle brand and a branch of a the Himalayan Tapestry.